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Letter to Vail Daily: Castle Peak is a great place for recovery

Castle Peak staff are delighted to read a recent letter to the Vail Daily from a patient who spent five days in rehabilitation with us. He appreciated the welcoming, compassionate, professional staff, “always collaborative and caring,” and praised the food and environment. We are honored he chose to recover at Castle Peak by Augustana Care and want to share his letter with you.

My recent five-day recovery at Castle Peak Senior Care from rotator cuff surgery was an uplifting experience, worthy of both recognition and a shared awareness in our community of a potential resource.

First, the administrative staff were welcoming, efficient and highly effective. Last-minute scurrying due to a late communications challenge from the surgery center was met by both Dr. Cunningham’s staff (Megan) and Castle Peak management (Monica) ensuring space available, medications, etc. But more so, and you will hear this concept throughout, there was genuine caring.

Second, the nurses and certified nursing assistants were professional, attentive and bent over backwards to ensure my GameReady shoulder cooling device was filled with ice, 24/7. In addition, this staff was always collaborative and caring, open to schedule changes and modification of pain medications as I weaned off them.

Third, now this may appear an oxymoron: good hospital/institutional food. But the food was excellent: selection/variety, preparation and quantity with snacks upon request. Whether you ate in one of the dining areas or in your room, on-time sumptuous meals were the norm.

Lastly, the site is open, clean and offers a nurturing/caring environment for your recovery!”

– Philip Weinstein, Vail