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Older Adults in Transition to Connect with Younger Generations in Unique, Historic Home at Augustana Care

Stepping Stones House

A unique new living option for older adults in transition is now available through Augustana Care, which will bring older and younger generations together in the coming year. Augustana Care purchased a three-bedroom historic landmark in Hopkins to create an opportunity for generations to learn about each other and connect, much as a mosaic would bring diverse elements together.

Residents at the home, known as Stepping Stones, will include an older adult looking for new living arrangements. The other two residents will be students or professionals. Priority consideration will be given to applicants who are either studying or already established in fields such as nursing, psychology, social work, geriatrics and spiritual care. To learn more about these unique options, call Kelly Morgan at 952-697-3877.

Built in 1900, Stepping Stones is adjacent to the Augustana Chapel View campus, which provides independent and assisted living, rehabilitation and skilled nursing to older adults. The Stepping Stones home has a fully-renovated kitchen, refinished hardwood floors and a finished basement.

Older adults will benefit in several ways while at Stepping Stones:

  • Meals are prepared or available from Augustana Chapel View
  • Housekeeping, laundry and other household chores are provided
  • Home health care is available
  • Companionship from live-in roommates adds to peace of mind
  • Engagement in daily life is increased
  • Enriching activities and learning opportunities are offered
  • Opportunities for socialization and connection are increased
  • A feeling of “family” and new friendships is present in the home

Volunteers will also be able to enjoy a number of benefits in an enjoyable family environment:

  • Reduced rent in exchange for optional volunteer work can save up to several hundred dollars per month
  • Comfortable, amenity-filled home
  • Private bedroom
  • Opportunities to learn from the unique perspectives of older adults

“Augustana Care’s history is rooted in the importance of preserving and honoring the past, and the Stepping Stones program is consistent with our mission,” says Regional Housing Director Mary Jo Thorne. “We are repurposing this beautiful home in a way that allows us to remain true to our history, while starting an exciting, intergenerational program that will add value and meaning to the lives of the future residents.”

To learn more about Stepping Stones, contact Kelly Morgan

by phone: 952-697-3877

or by email:


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