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Aladin smart lamp; image of bedroom with lamp emitting light across the room

Aladin’s Magical Lamp

#TechTuesday #AgeTech

Another award-winner in the age tech category at the recent Consumer Electronics Show is the Aladin Smart Lamp, named the best fall prevention system in the EU market. This detecting device adjusts the light level along several pathways if it senses that the room light is too low to prevent falls. It also learns a person’s activity patterns, using artificial intelligence, and alerts the system of any changes that might indicate that a fall is probable. Together these functions account for up to a 75% reduction in falls in residential care settings. If a fall should occur, however, the system instantly alerts any staff or caregivers in the immediate vicinity for the quickest possible response time. The Aladin Smart Lamp doesn’t require Wi-Fi so bypasses the Achilles tendon of many fall detection systems that do require it. Originally developed by Domalys in France, the Aladin is now available in the U.S.

Kate Ingalls-Maloney is Cassia’s Director of Technology Integration and Education.