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The World is Full of Food

The Cassia Life

There is significant indication that the infamous and long-standing world food shortage is nearing its end; indicators enough to suggest checking the possible trend. Consider: Old truth: Hungry children in China need the food that… READ MORE

Plan Ahead to Make Final Service a Celebration

The Cassia Life

We sat quietly awaiting the start of the service of celebration for the life of a close family friend. The Washburn-McReavy Funeral Chapel in Edina, Minn., a Minneapolis suburb, was filled to capacity. We’d arrived almost late and were seated toward the back of the large chapel. READ MORE

Easy chair, lean back

The Cassia Life

One of the enjoyments of the work I do, journalism work, is the necessary reading. Then, from it, chancing upon sentences, phrases, paragraphs, single words, that reach out and grab me. Wow! I think. How true, or how artistic, or how clear. And often there’s a hint of poetry involved. Following are a few examples, some very timely. READ MORE

Personal Safety Device

The Cassia Life

Page through any magazine these days read primarily by seniors and you will see several ads for safety alert call devices. I telephoned one advertiser and was told that the LifeAlert network of devices brings in two million calls per year, saving a life from a potential catastrophe every 11 minutes. That’s impressive! READ MORE

Long Road to Immunity

The Cassia Life

Yes, long, and sometimes rough and hard to follow. The toughest question has been, “Who’s next?” (to get vaccinated against Covid-19). And just as important, “Who says who’s next?” Mix in unrelated major happenings–a highly… READ MORE

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