The Face of Cassia

Ashley wearing magenta shirt, a pink lanyard. Moose Lake Village logo and quote, "I love coming to work and enjoy the work I do for residents."

Business Office Manager Ashley Montague

Face of Caring – April 2022

In honor of Public Health Week between April 4 and 10 and National Volunteer Appreciation Week between April 17 and 23, we want to introduce you to Business Office Manager Ashley Montague at Moose Lake Village. She has worked in the business office for four years and according to Administrator Shawna Smith, “Ashley helps out anyone at Moose Lake Village in any way, so we can focus on the task that is most important—taking care of residents!”

While most of her time on site is spent as an employee, Ashley has gone above and beyond her work assignments in numerous ways. She is an excellent example of Public Health Week, which is about championing the health of all Americans. She is also a perfect choice for National Volunteer Appreciation Week because she exemplifies the power of volunteers to build stronger communities.

When the pandemic began in 2020, Ashley volunteered to take a course at Moose Lake Village to help residents who need assistance when eating. Through her service to residents, Ashley developed special bonds and relationships. Ashley says she wanted to help residents with meals because “it was a way for me to help out on the floor. I knew [direct care staff] were the ones that were going to need it the most.”

Ashley also plans most of the special events at Moose Lake Village so the team feels valued and volunteers her help with things like Thanksgiving dinner for residents and families. “I love coming to work and enjoy the work I do for the residents,” Ashley adds. “I don’t get on the floor as much as I would like, so when I can help out with certain things and bring a smile to people’s faces, it brings me joy. I also like helping out my co-workers when I can.”

Ashley was nominated by several people at Moose Lake Village and it’s easy to see why. Thank you, Ashley, for volunteering your time to help residents and co-workers.